With love for taste…

A flight to Paris has never been so short. Even the City of Lights can’t boast of a place where love is served on a plate.
Sugamour is a dessert boutique-restaurant where desserts can be compared to jewellery perfected down to the smallest detail. Guests love Sugamour because breakfast here lasts from early morning until late afternoon. Sugamour’s a la carte menu is a modern take on French classics.



We say that it is possible to live without desserts, but without such feelings and memories, which can only be revived by careful and constantly amazing handmade masterpieces – it is definitely impossible!



Sugamour is a place where you break out of the ground and become happier, because a small, one-macaron-sized secret awaits everyone who comes.


Aesthetic, combinations of different flavors and textures – Sugamour cakes are inspired by the oldest European gastronomic traditions and created according to the author’s recipe to become the most delicious decoration for your holiday.


Warm and enchanting smell greets everyone who enters Sugamour. Freshly baked pastries are perfect for a cozy conversation with a cup of quality Sugamour coffee.

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